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Sto bi placali $299 za Microsoft XP kad mozete dobiti...

Suse Linux V8.1 Professional Edition

Cena      $78.03
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Linux Operativni System

SuSE Linux 8.1 contains substantial improvements and new features, many of which are the result of the feedback sent by our customers. The new YaST excels both in the graphical environment as well as on the command line. Improved hardware detection, the latest SuSE kernel, tested versions of important system components, the automated installation of external software, and the YaST Online Update YOU enable you to keep your system up to date. Other new features include the boot manager GRUB and CUPS as the default print system.

SuSE Linux is an exclusive desktop system
Free MS-compatible office package
Secure Internet and e-mail communication
Personal fax solution for ISDN and modem with KDEprintFax
Preinstalled programs such as the scheduler, multimedia player, and office package facilitate the first steps with SuSE Linux
Intelligent software installer with innovative features
Comprehensive hardware detection including USB2 and Firewire
Integrated databases for intranet and business
Built-in security through configurable firewall
Extensive server and network functionality
Easy office network integration
A multitude of developer tools & programming language

Software features

Media type: CD-ROM
Product type: Full version

System Requirements

Minimum Disk Space Requirements: 6 GB for all packages
Minimum Memory Requirements: 64 MB